Automatic Fire Suppression System

Mining machines, forestry machines, construction vehicles are exposed to extreme everyday operation conditions. Such conditions multiply the risk of fires in the engine compartments of these vehicles and machines.

BlazeCut ā€œCā€ Series Systems can be installed to protect the engine compartment of any vehicle or machine ranging from standard truck or van to heavy forestry or mining machine.

BlazeCut ILP systems for the protection of vehicles and machines combine high extinguishing ability with long durability and significant cost-effectiveness in comparison with the competing systems. The systems are supplied in HFC agent, powder agent or foam agent version.

BlazeCut systems are fully automatic, independent of power supply and provide additional electronic activation giving the driver/operator option to activate the system also manually from his seat. The control unit also provides the driver/operator with acoustic and light signalization in case of system activation and monitors the system readiness. Bus systems are specially designed to sustain harsh environments and therefore vibrations, high temperatures and dirt are no longer a worry.

BlazeCut System Highlights

BlazeCut Applications

  • stand-alone fully automatic system
  • independent of power supply
  • fast detection and high efficiency
  • manual activation option for driver/operator
  • acoustic and light alarm
  • control unit with a backup battery
  • ready control of system
  • available in three versions: clean agent, powder agent or foam agent
  • adapted to harsh environments
  • universal ā€“ to be installed in any vehicle or machine
  • cost-effective
  • Trucks and vans
  • Construction vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Mining machines
  • Forestry machines
  • Special army and police vehicles
  • Marine
  • Other