Fire Risks

fire-expMany of us do not even think about our exposure to risks in our day to day lives.

When it comes to the risk of fire, what plans do you have in place.

What protection is available for you, your family, your friends and your work colleagues.

How would you deal with fire in your environment. It could happen anywhere. At home, at work or even while you are enjoying yourself after hours. The truth is the majority do not think until it is too late. Now is the time for a simple question.

What is a life worth. If you are a business owner, ultimately you have control over your employee’s safety. If you are an adult, ultimately you have influence over partners, children, family and friends safety. How would you cope after the loss of someone close due to the lack of safety prevention?


Are there fire extinguishers available that are the correct size and have the correct agent?

Are there fire suppression systems protecting forklifts, cars, trucks, server’s kitchens and power junction boxes. Are there smoke detectors, fire blankets and sprinkler systems in place.  Only a small percentage could say yes we are as safe as we can be from fire.


Are there smoke detectors in your home? Do you have one or two fire extinguishers? Maybe one in the shed and one near the kitchen.

What about your meter or electrical switch/fuse box. Does it have automatic fire suppression in case of electrical faults?

A fire extinguisher for your car and possibly an automatic fire suppression system in case of a fuel leak or an accident that causes fire.

Only a small percentage could say yes we are as safe as we can be from fire.


Your boat, caravan or mobile camper. Do they have smoke detectors, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and automatic fire suppression systems?

Only a small percentage could say yes we are as safe as we can be from fire. 

As it has not happened to us yet, this is one of the main reasons why we do not think about fire and its risk. Fire extinguishers are not expensive and should be the correct type and size to suit the risk areas that need to cover. This could be discussed with the salesperson when you are purchasing these items and we would strongly suggest obtaining them from a fire safety company rather than purchasing them off the shelf. This would ensure you are purchasing the extinguishers 100% suited to your needs. Another consideration is to make sure the extinguisher is not placed too close to the fire risk, so it can still be accessed when a fire occurs.

Before quoting and installing a fire system the risk areas need to be considered. This way we are ensuring the best suited protection, with the best outcome in a fire. A system then can be correctly supplied to ensure the best outcome.

When a fire occurs the Blazecut fire system automatically actuates in the area covered, suppressing the fire within seconds. At the same time the fire suppression system can notify that there is a fire.

A Fire suppression system to suit smaller applications would be the Blazecut T series. This is a smartly designed product which is unique and very affordable. The T series can be installed very quickly. This also can be installed with a monitoring device with alarm.

For the larger applications a Blazecut C series can be used and we have a choice of five agent’s dependant on the application and risk. These systems have been designed to keep the costs down without any impact on their performance. All these systems have a warning device as standard. Some of you will be thinking sounds expensive. We are not talking thousands of dollars here.

Complete protection does not cost that much.

For a small price to pay a reliable Blazecut fire suppression system is invaluable, it will protect you and the people around you.